Can Veterans be Placed Back in the Workforce?

Whether it is for personal or financial reasons, many veterans are deciding to put their skills and knowledge to use by re-entering the workforces. While veterans are widely respected for their years of service to the country while they were in the military, employers, veterans and others often wonder about the effect that their influence will have on the workplace. After all, veterans are generally older, have often experienced deployment and may also have disabilities. However, as more veterans begin to be placed back in the workforce, it is becoming clear that they have many valuable skills to offer to companies as well as their coworkers.

Benefits of Hiring Veterans

Veterans have gained many transferable skills through their military service that are suitable for many types of service jobs and other positions. Because leadership is a skill that the military fosters in their troops, veterans often do well in roles that utilize these skills. For example, a veteran is ideal for obtaining a position as a project or team manager. Through their years of service, veterans have also demonstrated their tenacity and ability to see a project through to completion. Veterans are also known for being reliable, prompt and dependable as these are skills that are drilled into military recruits from the first day of their training.

Ideal Positions for Veterans

Veterans can be employed in a variety of positions. Many times a veteran has obtained a specialized skill through their military training such as medical techniques or mechanical repair. After years of service, most veterans have honed these skills to a professional level. After their discharge from the military, veterans may find a career in their specialized area of training. Many veterans also prefer to work in the service industry such as at a restaurant or store so that they can have frequent contact with customers and other members of the public. For older veterans, these types of positions can give them an opportunity to socialize with others as well as earn an income.

Helping Veterans to Adjust

Many veterans may have been unemployed for a few years, or they may not be used to working in a civilian environment. Therefore, veterans may need some time to slowly work their way back into employment. Part-time positions can be an ideal way to transition back to working. School bus drivers, crossing guards and other half-day positions can be a great opportunity for a veteran who is looking to ease their way back into a work schedule. Disabled veterans can also benefit from internet jobs that allow for them to work from home.

When veterans enter back into the workforce, everyone benefits from their unique skills and knowledge. Veterans can expect to find work within their own specialized area of training, or they can choose to branch out into a new profession or career. However they decide to go about re-entering the workforce, veterans are a tremendous asset to any workplace and community.